Frequently Asked Questions:

When can I apply for my provisional driving licence? 

You can apply for your provisional licence up to 3 months before your 17th birthday, and once you have received it, you can start driving from your 17th birthday onwards. You can apply for your provisional licence here.

How much to your lessons cost?

The lessons cost £25 for a single 50 minute lesson, if you pay for 10 lessons in advance then the cost is £240. There is no extra charge for evening lessons, and I do not normally work at the weekend. You can view my prices page here.

Can I drive before passing the theory test?

You can start driving before passing the theory test. You cannot apply for your practical driving test until having passed the theory test. The local theory test centres are at Sidcup or Croydon, and the waiting time from booking is normally around 3 weeks. Once you have passed the theory you must pass your practical test within 2 years, or you must apply and pass the theory test again. See my theory test section here.

Do you do automatic lessons?

I only provide manual lessons as my car has a manual gearbox.

How many lessons does it take to pass the test?

The Driving Standards Agency who set the test, suggest to stand the best chance of passing, you need around 45 hours of lessons, and plenty of private practice in your own car. I plan each lesson to cover a new subject, so we don't waste time. Because each lesson is productive, I find alot of my students pass faster than this. However we are all individual, and some pass faster, some slower. If you can practice in a car at home, it does help, although this is not essential.

What are the show me / tell me questions on the practical test?

At the start of the practical driving test, the examiner will ask 2 questions related to basic safety checks on the car. You can view an explaination and the full list here.

Can I have your roof open on my lesson?!

It is up to you! Provided it's not too cold, if you'd like the roof open that's fine. I tend to keep the roof on for driving tests, Some examiners seemed to like the roof down, some preferred it on, so I now keep it on for all driving tests.

What is Pass Plus?

Pass Plus is an optional course once you have passed your driving test. It consists of 6 hours covering more advanced roads, including motorways, dual carriageways, fast open country roads, single track country lanes, night driving and all weather driving. There is no test at the end, and once completed, the Driving Standards Agency will send you a certificate. This may then entitle you to a discount on your car insurance. You can visit the Pass Plus website here.

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