Tips for Practice at Sidcup.

Passing your test is not just about learning test routes, however each Test Centre area may have some unusual layouts that require practice.

You can download test route instructions here

There are a number of one way streets - at the end of which if you are turning right you MUST go to the right side of the road when approaching the give way.

At the  STOP sign at the end of Church Lane, Chislehurst, you MUST come to a complete stop at the junction - you cannot roll through it as if it were a give way - come to a complete halt at the line.

On Maidstone Road coming from Swanley you may be asked to turn onto the A20 back towards Crittall's Corner. You will see the National Speed limit sign on the slip road. As it is a dual carriageway, the speed limit for cars is 70mph.

You will need to practice Crittalls Corner, Frognall Corner and Ruxley roundabout many times to become comfortable with them.

Be very careful approaching the zebra crossing near the old Woolworths store in Sidcup High Street. The pavement is very narrow and it is not always obvious when someone wants to cross - be ready to step if anyone is near the crossing.

The speed limit within the industrial estate housing the test centre is only 15 mph.