Tips for Practice at West Wickham Test Centre

You can visit my YouTube channel with some videos of West Wickham test routes here.

Passing your test is not about learning test routes, however each test centre area may have some unusual layouts which require practice.

There is a bus lane on Bromley Common heading towards Bromley - it is only in operation Mon - Fri, 7 - 10am. Outside of these times you MUST drive in the bus lane to allow other cars to overtake.

There are two one way streets, at the end of which, if you are turning right you MUST go to the right hand side of the road at the give way.

Practice the roundabouts in Addington, approaching from Addington Road / Kent Gateway (Mad mile). At the first roundabout follow the road ahead towards Purley in the right lane, to second exit. When leaving the roundabout, you must exit into the right lane, keeping off the red chevrons. Once you have passed the red chevrons, if safe you must then move to the left lane so other cars can overtake. If still following signs to Purley keep in left lane to follow the road ahead at the second roundabout. However, if asked to then follow signs to Shirley, use the middle lane to turn right at the second roundabout, as this will bring you off into the left lane by the BP garage so other cars can overtake you on Gravel Hill.  At the top of Gravel Hill Shirley is signposted for you to turn right at the traffic lights back towards Trinity School.