Tips for Practice at West Wickham Test Centre

You can visit my YouTube channel with some videos of West Wickham test routes here. Particularly practice the route ďUp Gravel HillĒ.

Passing your test is not about learning test routes, however each test centre area may have some unusual layouts which require practice.

There is a bus lane on Bromley Common heading towards Bromley - it is only in operation Mon - Fri, 7 - 10am. Outside of these times you MUST drive in the bus lane to allow other cars to overtake.

There are two one way streets, at the end of which, if you are turning right you MUST go to the right hand side of the road at the give way. One of them is at the end of Upper Elmers End Road, at the junction of South Eden Park Road, opposite Langley Boys School.


Also go from Keston towards Biggin Hill Airport. Once past the airport, and the Spitfire and Hurricane outside, turn right down Salt Box Hill. This is an awkward country lane. Follow this road for a couple of miles, all the way through New Addington. Eventually at the end, there is a large roundabout where you turn right, second exit, onto Lodge Lane (once past the first exit, then move to the left lane). You then reach another roundabout where you turn right, third exit, onto Kent Gate Way. This takes you back to West Wickham. 

You could be taken along Westmorland Road, from the Beckenham end towards Bromley South, past the Vue cinema. At the lights on the hill, turn right. Both lanes go right, but use the right one and keep right. Once past Waitrose, turn right at the next set of lights, past the Ford garage. Again here, both lanes turn right, but this time use the left one, so other cars can overtake, and itís easier to merge. Make sure you donít get stuck in the large box junction. Proceed along Masons Hill by Halfords, and then turn right at the Dripping Tap lights down Hayes Lane, by a Ravensbourne School and through the width barriers.

Practice turning right at the traffic lights, coming from Wickham Court Road, into Glebe Way - the examiner could ask you to do this at the start of the test, and it can be awkward. There are no arrows on the floor, so you have to figure out whether to position in front, or behind any cars approaching from opposite who also want to turn right. Also, once in the middle while waiting for a gap, you canít see any traffic lights, so you donít know when the lights change back to red. 

Practice driving forward into a parking bay, and reversing out. A good car park is Norman Park. The examiner could also use the car park next to Carpetright in West Wickham High Street, and also Harrington Park, on the bend on South Eden Park Road.