Collingwood Learner Driver InsuranceOnce you have passed your theory test, you are then able to apply for your practical driving test. I know the current waiting times and will advise when to apply. You can book online by clicking here or by phone on 0300 200 1122. You will need your driving licence number, theory certificate number, and a payment card. You MUST also quote  my ADI number (my personal reference number) - without this you may be given a test date when I am unavailable. My number is 175119. The current fee is £62.00. You can find information on what is expected of you on the test, and the content of the test here.

You must bring your photocard licence and your theory test certificate - if you have a paper counterpart this is not needed as the Government has abolished them.  Make sure you have your glasses or contact lenses if you need them for the eyesight check. My fee is 3.5 times the current lesson cost (includes a lesson of 1 hour 15 mins, the hire of my car for the test, and returning home afterwards). Once your documents are checked, the examiner will ask you if you wish your driving instructor to sit in the back of the car during the test, and whether you want him to listen in to the debrief at the end - please let your me know your decision. After the eyesight check, the examiner will ask two show me or tell me questions - please see the link on the left to view or print them. Very occasionally, a senior examiner will sit in the back to check your examiner is conducting the test correctly. You can view the DVSA's videos offering information on tests on YouTube by clicking here.


You don't need any other documents (MoT, insurance etc) however YOU MUST PROVIDE A MIRROR FOR THE EXAMINERS USE (if I am coming with you I will bring mine) and L plates front and back. Also make sure all the lights are working, especially the brake lights as the examiner may check them, and make sure the tyres have at least 1.6mm of tread and no damage to the wall of the tyres, and have the correct pressure. Check the DVSA's website to make sure your car has not been subject to any safetly recalls, if so they will require written proof that any remedial action has been undertaken - click here to vist their list of cars affected. 

The test is approximately 38 minutes long. When you pass the examiner may ask if you want him to apply for your full licence for you - you do as this means there is no fee or form to fill in - he will keep your old licence but you can still drive straight away as he will give you a pass certificate.


Once the test is passed, you can then take the Pass Plus course, anytime within the first year. This includes dual carriageways, motorways, and country roads, and then as well as invaluable experience, may give you a discount on your car insurance. The course duration is 6 hours, and there is no test at the end - see our prices section in the menu for the current charge. For more information visit the official Pass Plus website here.


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