Multiple Choice Part

With the multiple choice section of the test, you will be asked 50 questions, and you must answer at least 43 correctly to pass. You will use a touch screen at the test centre, which is very user friendly - you can leave answers blank to return to them later, you can change any answers at any stage, or you can flag any answers you are unsure of to check or change them. You are only commited to your answers once you end the test. You have 57 minutes, which is ample.

The study material you will revise from will contain all of the actual questions you may be asked - you MUST go through all the questions (almost 1000!) to stand the best chance of passing this part of the test. You will find a number of the answers are common sense, and there is some repitition with the questions. With most of the remaining questions, the answers can be understood, and therefore remembered. There are however, some questions where the answer must be just learned and remembered - On the left menu there is a revision list of these we have compiled - You can view or print this as a final aid to your revision just before you take the test.